MATTEA’S HAND is Cayla Zeek, a gal who graduated in painting and now works as a full-time designer and artist. She has been drawing since she was very young, with a fascination for reading adventure stories and the art of relationship. Being very shy growing up, making art and writing were ways she could create in solitude and extend her work into the world to start conversations and learn about others through what they saw.

Mattea’s Hand began when Cayla took her life long passion for writing & art making and pursued it in the spare time between going to college, working in a shop, and then becoming a teacher. This often meant many late nights of being in the art studio, and most weekends hustling to pop up at markets all around Louisiana. As a painter, she craved the physicality of pushing oil paint on a dark surface as her artwork conceptually became a form of expressing her inner most fears, emotions, and anger. Mattea’s Hand became just the opposite outlet – one of wordplay, bright colors, and whimsical illustrations. Eventually, she graduated and was able to leave all those jobs behind creating a business built upon everything she had learned with art, teaching and retail. Using ink and watercolor, she brings each drawing to life in the studio within her Louisiana home. Mattea’s Hand is an extension of humor, Louisiana culture, music, nature, and the art of relating to each other through images and words.

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